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Meet the Chef

Matt Ellison has worked in Minnesota kitchens for the last 17 years. A native of Minneapolis, Matt completed his culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu. He launched his career at Campiello in Minneapolis's Uptown neighborhood, where he learned the techniques and flavors of classic and modern Italian cuisine. He jumped at a unique opportunity to helm the kitchen at the iconic Naniboujou Lodge, on the shores of Lake Superior.

Upon his return to the Twin Cities, Matt helped open Masa Mexican restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Masa was an education in authentic foods from various parts of Mexico, which has become one of his favorite cuisines to cook. He spent a number of years at acclaimed Twin Cities restaurants, such as the St. Paul institution W.A. Frost, St. Paul's gastropub The Happy Gnome, and Salut Bar Americain in Edina. 

Matt fulfilled a dream of running an intimate, farm-to-table restaurant when he took the reins at Muffuletta, a 40-year staple of St. Paul's Como neighborhood. His menus featuring carefully layored flavors and seasonal creativity won accolades from diners of all stripes.


Since leaving Muffuletta, Matt has spread his wings in the restaurant world to learn new angles of the business. Most recently, he was the culinary manager for the Bonfire/Axel's family of restaurants in the Twin Cities. Throughout it all, he has loved to share his passion for food with employees, friends and family.

As the culinary world shifts in the aftermath of Covid-19, Matt is re-imagining what it means to share that love for cooking. His wife, Jessica, and four children, are constant beneficiaries of his gifts, and they encouraged him to show the rest of the world just what he can do.


We welcome you to the Chef's House. 

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