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Whether you’re are a seasoned home chef wishing to hone your skills or someone just starting out, Chef Matt Ellison can help.


A native Minnesotan, Chef Matt has nearly two decades of professional experience within the Twin Cities working in restaurants featuring French, Italian, Mexican, and New American cuisine and techniques. He is known for his ability to generate unique combinations of flavors while making the most out of ingredients at hand, as a result of his farm-to-table philosophy. Being a father of four has taught Chef Matt to educate with patience while satisfying the palate.


Learn more about experiencing his virtual cooking lessons in your own home.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Learn to cook or sharpen your craft with Chef Matt's virtual classes. You buy the groceries and assemble your cooking tools, and we will help you create something beautiful and delicious. We will cook right alongside you, as if we're right there in your kitchen. 

How it works


You'll need a tablet or desktop with a camera, microphone, and high-speed Internet. 


Choose your class. Book and pay online. Chef Matt will contact you to plan your class.


Chef Matt will send you a list of ingredients and kitchen tools to assemble. 


At your scheduled class time, Chef Matt will connect with you online and cook alongside you.


"A fun way to learn from an experienced and patient chef!"

Becky T., Minnesota

"It was a very comfortable, well-paced, delicious learning experience with a knowledgeable chef and friendly family. Matt opened us up to trying new foods and new skills in the kitchen. We can't wait to try another recipe with Matt!

Ashley R., Wisconsin


"We had such a great time with Chef Matt! He's personable and dedicated, and along the way we learned numerous techniques from his restaurant background, from plating to not letting anything go to waste."

Heidi L., Boston

"What a delightful experience! I can follow a recipe, but to be able to confirm 'Is this right?' with the chef at every step was worth every penny!"

Terri C., Chicago

"I bought a class for my sister's graduation. This was the perfect quarantine-friendly gift. She and her roommates loved working with Chef Matt, they learned so much -- thank you!"

Cindy P., Boston

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White Bear Lake, Minnesota

 ​​Tel: 952-237-5937

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